Illusionist Zach Wilke

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bioI remember the first time I learned a magic trick. I was 7 years old.

It was a little trick with a coin and, I cannot tell you how many times I performed that trick for the same people. I fell in love with magic and the art of misdirection. Starting at 7 years old I played around with magic off and on until I was 15.

Then I had the opportunity to see a professional and it turned my love for magic into a passion. Quickly this passion became an obsession. At 15 I began performing publicly starting at my school. I remember going to random tables in the cafeteria doing tricks just waiting for people to forget reality. I began falling in love with the art of taking an audience, and making them feel like anything is possible.

My love for illusions has continued growing and has afforded me the opportunity to perform for both secular and faith based venues including company parties, school gatherings, church and youth group events, festivals, dinners, weddings, coffeehouses, restaurants and even overnight retreats.

Some of the companies I have had a privilege to work for are:

  • Farmer’s Insurance
  • LeadOn Inc.
  • Carpenter’s Way Baptist Church
  • Standpipe Coffeehouse
  • Copperfield Church
  • Central ISD
  • Angelina County Fair
  • Ventana Fine Dining