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Central Heights

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It is 1:00 AM Friday May 29th. I CANNOT sleep so I decided to work on my next show. In 22 hours the second show of the Deceived No More tour is going down at Central Heights High School. We are doing a show for the graduating class and super pumped! The Deceived No More show involves some new stuff, some of which is original, so I am super excited to hang out with the seniors of Central Heights, TX.

We have several more shows coming up this summer that we are super excited for. We will be at Austin Stone Community Church in early August and cannot wait to work with them on this tour. Also, we are doing a show at Carpenter’s Way Church in Lufkin, TX on July 31 that will involve something I have never performed before. I cannot say what it is but I can say that if you are close, you do not want to miss this show! ┬áMy team and I have been planning this for months so make plans to be there! Not sure on a time yet so as it gets closer I will release more details. In the meantime, it is time for bed.

Hope to see you at a show! God Bless.


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